Meet Attorney Sheila Deason

Many lawyers represent an abundance of practice areas. While this may be a more convenient route to finding any attorney to help you, it may not be the best route for bankruptcy needs. I am attorney Sheila Deason of Sheila Deason Law Firm, and I focus solely on bankruptcy. I am up to date on all matters of bankruptcy law and can offer you the best course of legal action for your personal situation. Let me provide the guidance you need to start a new financial life.

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Attorney Sheila Deason

I Will Explore Every Option To Reduce Your Debt

I know that you come with unique experiences and circumstances that have led you to seek out bankruptcy as an option to wipe the slate clean or find a payment plan that works. I take the time to understand your needs and offer the best course of action for your situation. Whether your unique case is best suited for either a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 route, I will provide knowledgeable guidance through each step of the legal process.

Get The Bankruptcy Help You Need Today

In the past, bankruptcy has a stigma of being something to avoid, something people don’t talk about or are embarrassed to discuss. In my more than 20 years of experience, I have helped numerous clients use bankruptcy as an incredible tool to help turn their lives around, plan for the future and protect their family. If you need a Texas lawyer who can stop creditor harassment, create a plan to move forward and get you to a better financial place, I can help. Contact me in my Houston office. Call 713-426-1234 or send me an email to schedule a free initial consultation.