Relief From Crushing Debt

Eliminate or negotiate your debt away

The Right Debt Solution For You

Deciding to move forward with a bankruptcy filing can feel overwhelming. But for many people, finally doing something about their crushing debt gives them a sense of relief and new-found hope. I am attorney Sheila Deason, the principal attorney at Sheila Deason Law Firm in Houston. For nearly two decades I have been helping people get the support they need to start fresh. I can help you, too.


I Stand Up To Your Creditors

Using my extensive experience and resources, I can successfully stop creditor harassment. I stop home foreclosures and auto repossessions and can recover your property. I understand the process and how emotionally difficult this decision can be. I offer compassionate assistance and advocacy. I will stand up for your legal rights.

Chapter 13

For working people who need a plan to pay back debt.

Chapter 7

For people who need to liquidate their assets to get rid of debt now.

FAQ About Bankruptcy

Medical debt, job loss, divorce, harassment, repossession and more.

What My Clients Say

Find out what clients have to say about my representation.


“Sheila saved my house from foreclosure and got me the deed to my property.  I was referred to her by a friend and am thankful everyday for being put in contact with her.” R.G.


“Sheila Deason helped me & my wife out of a very stressful financial mess.  I trust her and recommend her to my family and friends.”


“Sheila made a difficult financial situation so much easier than I anticipated.  She was very professional and explained the bankruptcy process each step of the way.  I, of course, will refer her to anyone that might be in need of her services.”

Eliminate Your Medical Bills And Credit Card Debts

As a Houston bankruptcy office, my law firm is a debt relief agency that helps people struggling under paralyzing debt. I use my extensive experience to help you out of debt at the lowest possible legal cost. Bankruptcy is the federal government tool by which my firm can either totally eliminate your debt or negotiate your debt to manageable amounts in order to keep you in possession of your property.

Cutting up a credit card
A couple looking over their bills

Get The Bankruptcy Debt Relief You Need

My mission at Sheila Deason Law Firm is to protect you and your family from the smothering damage of crushing debt. I can help you restructure your debt or eliminate your debt entirely in the same manner as the giant banking institutions and mega corporations have famously done in the past decade.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Get a free debt counseling meeting. Call me, attorney Sheila Deason: 713-426-1234. I’m here to help.